Anova Medical Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Monitor Site

Who we are . . .

Anova Medical, LLC (“Anova Medical”) is a privately held United States owned and operated company responsible for sales and customer service throughout the United States for the "Anova Medical" and "Anova Sports" brands of health care blood pressure monitors and sports fitness heart rate monitors.  This site provides information about our products, our sales operation, and our source manufacturing facilities.



Our facility sources are privately held enterprises based in China that are modern manufacturing organizations specializing in designing and manufacturing home health care equipment and sports related health and environment monitoring products.

The manufacturing facilities adhere to the highest standards and practices as evidenced by the achievement of IS0 13485:2003 (home health care product manufacturing) and ISO 9001:2000 (home health care product and sports related health and environment monitoring product manufacturing) certification. 

Our products have, depending on the individual prerequisite requirements, appropriate Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) pre-market approval or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval.  Additionally, they have European Union Declaration of Conformity certification (CE). 

Anova Medical's headquarters is in Bonita Springs, Florida, with our warehouse distribution center located in the suburban Atlanta, Georgia area.  Sales representative offices throughout the United States employ sales people to sell our products and to provide product information and sales support to Anova Medical and Anova Sports product retailers, home health care organizations and medical business customers. 

European retail sales of the products manufactured by our manufacturing facility sources exceed three-million units a year.  This exceptional sales volume is possible because the attractive, full-featured, easy-to-use products offer the best quality, reliability and value.  We encourage the comparison of our products with the products of other brands.

Blood Pressure . . .
  • High blood pressure usually displays no symptoms.
  • High blood pressure is often the precursor to heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure or stroke.
  • High blood pressure, once detected, can be treated by a physician to minimize or avoid many serious health problems.
  • Anova Medical's fully automatic digital blood pressure monitors are accurate, affordable and easy to use.

Heart Rate . . .

  • Knowing your heart rate makes it possible to determine a productive exercise regimen with specific goals and then monitor your progress.
  • The maximum heart rate for men is approximately 220 minus your age; for women is approximately 226 minus your age.
  • Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up): 50% to 60% of maximum heart rate.
  • Fitness Zone (Fat Burning): 60% to 70% of maximum heart rate.
  • Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training): 70% to 80% of maximum heart rate.
  • Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training): 80% to 90% of maximum heart rate.
  • Red Line (Maximum Effort-requires clearance from your physician): 90% to 100% of maximum heart rate.
  • Anova Sports heart rate monitors measure your heart rate as you excercise and they are accurate, affordable, and easy to use.

We provide the best . . .
Quality – Reliability - Value